Garage lift doors

Garage sectional doors are in demand due to the simple construction of the door leaf and opening mechanism. The canvas consists of a set of panels connected by movable hinges. When opening, the leaves are raised and shifted into the interior of the garage at a right angle or slope, depending on the area and width of the gate, as well as the height of the garage opening.

By its purpose, this type of gate is universal. It can be used to equip individual garages, warehouse facilities, service workshops, garage complexes of commercial associations. Reliability of mechanical components ensures the largest number of opening and closing cycles avoiding the cost of repairing garage doors?

Advantages of using sectional doors:

Space optimization – lifting up and shifting back in the ceiling space is a universal opening technology that saves and optimizes free space. Open the sash without problems, you can even if the car is close to the rear;

Safety – the thought-over design of a cloth has protection against sliding of the shutter. The mechanism has a smooth ride and is equipped with various types of stoppers that fix the sash while there is no effort to raise or lower it. Thus, it is possible to open or close the gate without difficulty and risk of uncontrolled running. Sections can be equipped with protection against pinching fingers;

Improved thermal insulation – multi-layer door panels. Between the metal lining, there is a polymer porous insulation, which excludes freezing of the sash and heat loss even when the temperature drops to -50 ? C. Also, the material eliminates the increase in temperature in the summer. Additional thermal insulation and reduced thermal conductivity are ensured by the use of a sealant that reliably blocks joints between panels. Heat loss is produced through the joint, which is the most unprotected element, but in the gate of this type, this is completely excluded.

Restriction of penetration – sectional lifting gates have a backstop, eliminating hacking and penetration. The presence of a metal frame has a positive effect on increasing the strength of the web, eliminating the possibility of breaking with the use of physical force.

Ease of use – lifting gates are easier than swing gates and others in operation. There are no heavy flaps, the mechanism easily opens and closes, automation of the structure is possible;

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